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Due to our recent move to a new Student Information System, the following Demographic information is
temporarily unavailable.  We are working to restore this page with information that will come from the new system.
Please check back in the near future!

If you are a JCSB employee with access to our new Focus SIS, you may retrieve this information from the Reports tab--
Under "District Reports"


The links below provide daily updates of JCSB demographic information...
Most of the reports provide a graphical representation of the data, followed by a table containing the detailed information.

Enrollment Counts (by school/by grade)

Enrollment Counts (by school/by ethnicity)

Enrollment Counts (by school/by gender)

Exceptional Student Education Counts (by school/by Primary Exceptionality code)

English Language Learners Counts (by school/by ELL code)

Free/Reduced Price Lunch Counts (by school/by F/R eligibility status)



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